Mr. Biscuit

Illustrating through the eyes of my inner child, throwing away the toy, and playing with the box. I hope to encourage people to remember when they looked with an blissful ignorance upon the world, its boundaries and rules. A time when our imagination seemed endless in possibilities. These notions and ideas act as the very framework for my illustrative process as I work to engage with my surroundings and inner-self to convey them to the viewer.

I work to bring my illustration to fruition in a digital medium primarily, while also experimenting with screen print and handmade marks on paper. I'm a firm believer in doing all we can, within our means, to help promote environmental issues. This is a central factor in the materials I use and where I source them from. Compostable plastics, recycled and recyclable materials make up a small yet critical step towards reducing our waste and consumption of non-renewable resources.

Having fallen in love with character design while studying traditional and computer animation at the University of Teesside, United Kingdom, I went on to spend a number of years working in publishing, layout and web design. In 2009, faced with redundancy, I decided to follow a long harboured dream of going freelance and focusing on my illustrations above all else. I hope to continue this dream, which I dearly enjoy, in the effort to put a smile on as many people as my illustrations can touch.